// better out than in

I have been a fan of the British graffiti artist Banksy for a long time, he has inspired me numerous times and I feel so excited by this recent project of his.

Bansky's artwork is characterised by striking images, often combined with slogans. His work often engages political themes, satirically critiquing war, capitalism, hypocrisy and greed. Common subjects include rats, apes, policemen, members of the royal family, balloons, barcodes and children.

In addition to his two-dimensional work, Banksy is known for his installation artwork. One of the most celebrated of these pieces was showcased ironically in the U.S. in 2006. THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM, which featured an actual live elephant, painted with a Victorian wallpaper pattern, sparked controversy among animal rights activists and also the authorities who deemed painting the very large mammal from trunk to toe as illegal.

October was Banksy's month-long home where he roamed the streets of New York producing some pretty awesome, witty and thoughtful artworks. The 'Better out than in' project consisted of creating and posting an artwork a day to the dedicated site banksyny.com and also to Instagram.

Sadly almost all of the pieces have been defaced. New Yorkers have talked about it, painted over it, urinated on it, tagged it, guarded it and after posts searched for it in corners of the city that they have never been.

* Elephant Image from The Sum
* All images from Better Out Than In


// clet abraham and his street art

When I travel I make a point of it to capture not only the architecture and sights, but it is has happened so many times that my poor husband has to stand and wait while I capture interesting type, windows, street art and at one point even doors and gates.

Why? Don’t really know, but often thought that I should remind myself to do this at every opportunity that I get! Not only taking photos, but actually seeing and observing what’s around me.

A small thumbnail of Clet Abraham’s work that I stumbled upon today just gave me an epiphany! I have actually seen some of his work around Europe and did not even know it! Never did I realise that there’s a man out there that is probably the inspiration for some of the interesting street art I have seen around. French authorities have labeled Clet as a vandal; apparently he’s been fined for his actions. Thankfully this did not stop him as he is still operating and raiding the streets of Europe. His humorous designs certainly makes the roads and alleyways a lot more appealing doesn’t it?

With that said let’s all try and see the world around us (even the familiar) with the enthusiasm of the small child. Everything NEW and wonderful and oh so interesting, imagine what's out there for us to find!

* Images from Clet's Facebook page and UFUNK.


// EAD

As many of you may have noticed I have not been blogging much these days. I literally went from being unable to work to starting up my OWN, very small company! Please be sure to visit my website here, the starting point for hopefully something big! The long wait is finally over and I've learned and practiced to be patient, boy it was difficult!

PS: Life is back to some normal now so this blog will finally get some needed TLC!


// super duper fun

A while back I created this look for a friend based on inspiration gathered from traditional Chinese opera makeup. Oh what joy!

Particularly fascinating and very rich in meaning. These creations reflect the identity, status, personality and appearance of the characters and therefore can intensify the artistic appeal on stage. A character with mostly red makeup or a red mask is brave and loyal. Black symbolizes boldness and impartiality. Yellow denotes ambition, while pink stands for sophistication and well-balanced.


// spread the love

A selection of SWEET things for a LOVELY and HEART filled day because I belong with you, you belong with me, you're my SWEETHEART!

Rifle Paper Co. 
Grow the love by Yoko Ono 
Taunina Project 
Cheezy Valentines by Delia Creates 
Rice Krispie Valentine Lollipops

 * Some words from "Ho Hey" The Lumineers


// be in my eyes, be in my heart

Last night I had such a special time at Café Des Amis with some wonderful lady friends. With some red wine in hand our conversation romanticized around our beautiful and reflective wedding moments, tucked away in the past, but also focused on the excitement for future dreams in anticipation for a wedding to come.

So I’d thought I’ll share the photos of one of my all-time favourite photographers Max Wanger. He’s work is GOLD, I’m not even sure how to express my admiration for it in words. His minimalistic style is powerful. I want to climb inside your photographs, I want to see the world as you do, and I’m always in wonder, red balloons floating in the summer sky, just blown away by your talent. It’s like a drug looking at these, your art makes my happy!


// sasha prood in our home

Sasha Prood is an illustrator based in New York City. She creates typography, illustrations, patterns and graphics using pencil, pen and watercolor in combination with her computer. I’m in love with her natural-organic feel, however unexpected as it leans towards the scientific. She creates fresh but still vintage graphics and I adore them.

I’m now a proud owner of one of her first edition prints. Not yet framed and on the wall but will keep you posted. I was thrilled to receive a free calendar with my print where she collaborated with other artists to create this little treasure for Studio on Fire, that found a home on my desk. Amazing and vibrating colours that will definitely inspire me in lucky #13!


// sankt anton am arlberg

Sankt Anton am Arlberg, commonly referred to as St. Anton, is a small village and ski resort in the Tyrolean Alps in western Austria. Frequently listed as one of the world's top resorts in terms of skiing and the famous après-ski entertainment. We spent our Christmas there over the holiday season and enjoyed it so much.

In terms of après-skiing I only have these words, 'Das geht ab' (please do yourself a favour and listen to it), and yes we did ski down the mountain in the dark, after being jolly and dancing with the biggest and most uncomfortable boots ever. Just imagine this for one moment, people moving and shaking in ski boots, lights and smoke in the air, Glühwein (Mulled wine) and beers all around with German Schlager music pumping in the background. Hilarious YES, but oh so much fun!


// weekend portraits #1

Painting with light • Münster Bridge • Sunny days • City vs. nature • Branching out • Fun out in the sun • Hoch Ybrig • I like • Scenic backdrops • Astonishment • Won't get better that this :)


// this year, i will

Since we are still in the first days of 2013, I thought I would share this. I found this fun resolution-generator from Monina Velarde that can help you to generate easy and simple resolutions, which are possible to achieve. Just for fun! Here's mine, make something new everyday, how appropriate!